2 days in to Kenshusei 2012

Bag on my back, bottle of diluted Pakari Sweat in my basket on the front of my bike and fellow Kenshusei Yannick cycling beside me. This was my journey to the dojo this morning. My mind wondering what we would be doing today, trying to get myself mentally prepared for what was about to come. I cycled along trying to still my mind, prepare, but instead got distracted by the smell of the freshly backed pastries from the cafe on the corner. We arrived at the dojo and placed our shoes in the Boxes of disappearing shoe’s, I call it this because when I come back to get my shoes I swear they are never in the same box I left them in. Fresh dogi on and lined up in seize awaiting the first lesson to begin. Ukemi practice today, trying to keep good form all the way through and making it light, two things I really need to work on. Then on to conditioning training! This is hard, but I know already that I will feel the benefits soon. Todays lessons with Crampton Sensei was built on posture and correct Kamai. We then worked on Tai no henko ichi. My knees and back burned as they pushed are postures lower. Holding postures, sweat in my eye and my knee feeling like its going to explode…reason being I havnt balanced my weight properly! It was the same when we moved on to Tai no henko ni, again sensei putting our bodies into the correct position, I wobble and fight to stay up, and try to gain my balance. The lessons are great fall of so much fantastic information. I spend the day trying to take it in but one thing I know for absolute, is that after training and for the rest of the day, aside from the achs and pains that come with training, I feel fantastic.




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