Touch of Culture

Today Crampton Sensei and I were joined by about 30-40 students all from Doshisha University. Their chosen subject is Japanese. As part of their course they came to experience Yoshinkan Aikido. Ironic that they would be taught Japanese Culture by an American and an English man. I love Japan!

So we began the class with a demonstration. I was Sensei’s uke and we defently got some gasps from the students, in fact every time I was thrown, the room erupted…It was great, what a rush! Then Sensei went on to teach various basics, we couldn’t believe the response they gave us with shikoho (knee walking), they loved it! It was great seeing them giving Aikido a real go, and they seemed to all really enjoy it. Sensei also taught the Kote-gaeshi and Ikkajo, which they practiced in pairs and then Sensei showed them how to use them to project uke into a big throw. That was my que, they all got the chance to throw me…that was fantastic and lots of training for me. We even had one guy try a break fall…he will be feeling that in the morning I think.

It was a great day and they were a fantastic group of people, they were really respectful and really put in a lot of effort. Was such fun and I was buzzing for ages afterwards…I really hope I get the opportunity to do this sort of thing again…This is what I want to do with my Aikido, share it with as many people as possible! Fantastic feeling!!

Well done Crampton Sensei, great lesson and nice demonstration! Great day!!!


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  1. The break fall didn’t hurt at all. It’s definitely not the first time I have thrown myself through the air. It was a great experience however.


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