A poem.

At the welcome party for all Kenshusei, both fall time and part time, it is our job to entertain the Sensei. From the harmony of Yasuda san, Yannick and my self singing ‘My country, My home’ in Japanese of course, to Oketani san breaking chopsticks with his BUT CHEEKS…yes you read that right “BREAKING CHOPSTICKS WITH BUT CHEEKS”…It was a night I shall not forget. I would like to share with you a poem that I wrote for the party. When I wrote this I had everyone in mind that has helped me in both England and Japan. Thank you.

This is a poem, to share with you,

of an amazing experience and a dream come true.


Krispy Kreme – It had to be done,

our farewell meal had begun.

3 doughnuts and hot chocolates we shared together,

knowing that they wouldn’t last forever.

The moment came to say goodbye,

a brave face I put on, I had to try.

But a thew hugs later, 

we began to cry.


But then the time came for me to go,

to jump on a plane, a foreign land I must go.


Ow sir it seems, there is a change of plan,

upper class you will fly in, to reach Japan.

Sweet I thought, as she gave me champaign,

didn’t taste all that, but ain’t going to complain.


So there I was on flight VS900,

Champaign by my side, I sat and I wondered.

But not of my trip did I sit and ponder,

but on the air hostess my eyes did wonder.


We finally arrived in Tokyo – Narita,

and I said good by to my senorita.

With a bump and a squeak, the plan hit the ground,

the pilot had landed us safe and sound.


In Tokyo a week I would spend,

seeing the sights and becoming a friend.

To two great people who I would like to thank,

for the many great moments and beers we drank.


Now was the time to move to Kyoto,

my new home and new dojo.

For this is the reason I came to Japan,

to train and follow a remarkable man.


And now I am here a dream come true,

and it wouldn’t of happened if it weren’t for all of you.

So thank you all from the bottom of my heart,

For this absolute honor and a fresh new start.


To a foreign land I flew,

and now my new home thanks to all of you.




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