A day in the life of Kenshusei

RINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! ARHHHHHHH!!! The dreaded sound of the alarm clock. You open your eyes even though you feel like you have just closed them. Not so bad this morning because I managed to get to bed at a decent time of 1030, and we get a lay-in today so we are up at 0615. Shomen to the leg for Yannick to wake him up…an impossible task. We both crawl across the room like zombies, moaning noises to (usually about being stiff). Yannick to the shower, and me to the kitchen. I begin my ‘Ready, Steady – Cook!’scenario. Scrambled egg, Cereal, Yogurt, Toast and Jam, ow and a glass of juice to take my vitamin tablets. I start to eat, Yannick now clean, and smelling slightly better joins me for breakfast. We scoff down the grubb and talk about whats to come. I hit the shower get my bags packed and we bundle out the door…”Yannick! We forgot the lights bro!” usually bellows down the corridor.

We jump on our bikes like Batman and Robin, and begin the race to the dojo. We weave our way through the crowds, whizzing as fast as we can so not to be late. The same stretch of road, with the road that we have nicknamed ‘Test of Bushido’ because you cross, never knowing if you will survive to see the other side. We arrive at the dojo, knees now throbbing even more than they were before we left. Off fly’s the shoe’s, and into the boxes. I don’t bother remembering which box my shoes are in, I swear they are in a different one when I come back.

OSU, OHAYOGOZAIMASU!!!  Kenshusei are in the dojo! Usually we clean, but today we begin training strait away at 8. First class – SWEAT WILL POUR, Conditioning class with Andy sensei…always ready to go back to bed after this class. Sweat covered brows, legs quivering the lessons over but time to clean the mats. With the mats clean we drink some water, smash a banana down us and then collapse on the mat. Trying to catch a little rest before the next class. I do on the other hand feel the benefits of the conditioning classes! When we are finished its a good feeling of accomplishment.

Then the first of two 1.5hour long Review classes with Payet Sensei. These are always amazing and defiantly classes I look forward to. Today we focus mainly on katamochi Hijishime ichi and ni. Sensei breaks down the waza (technique) teaches it to us in bite size pieces filling our minds with amazement, then finish the lesson with Hajimegeiko (repeated practice). Sweating again, we clean the mat.

Rumbling fills my body! HUNGRY…Lunch time, I crack open the lunch box and eat what I am sure would normally taste horrid (its last nights dinner – but cold) I am hungry though, so it disappears very quick. I then spend the rest of the time laying on my back, quick sneaky sleep before another great lesson with Payet Sensei. Once all the lessons are over and the mats have been cleaned for the final time I get changed and say farewell to the others as they head off to work.

Today I help andy sensei teach English to kids, 3 in fact, with one hyperactive one staying extra time on his own till 630. He is great fun…but full of energy! By the end I am ready to drop. Not quite yet, out come the Japanese text books, my turn for learning a language and then finally time to up date the blog. So that brings me up to date. It is now 2050, I am about to head off grab some dinner, cook lunch for tomorrow, hang up my dogi and ice my knees ready for tomorrow!

Then……….Bed! But wait whats that…RINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! ARHHHHHHH!!! Wait I swear I have just shut my eyes????




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