Picnic at Kamigamo Shrine – ピクニック

Sunday 27th May, the sun is shining and its very hot…very hot! What can I say I am English, so out came the summer hat!

I was off to visit Chris Sensei at Kamigamo Dojo (north Kyoto), to help with his kids class. After a lovely trip down the river watching the kids dipping for crabs etc I arrived to find Sensei practising his Shomenuchi towards cars, guarding the only 3 space’s he had for the dojo. The place was heaving with people, by the coach fall literally. Opposite the Dojo is Kamigamo Shrine, and there was a local craft fair in the grounds.

It was my first time at the dojo and I was very impressed, it’s a great building. We set up the mats, with the help of the kids who by this time had poorer in, it was great, I didn’t know there would be so many of all ages! Fantastic to see so many interested in Aikido.

So the class began, we did some ukemi relay races which the kids love, I have to be honest so do I! Then on with Kihon dosa and then waza, Katatemochi Shihonage ni. I was uke to what has got to be the to smallest Aikidoka I have trained with, they literally came up to my knee – so cute!

Then the class was over, it flu by. Away with the mats, a quick change and then over to the Shrine next to the river for THE PICNIC!!

Out came the blue mat, “ARRHHH No shoes on the blue mat!” I hurd as I walked strait across it…! Ooops. Then we laid out all the food…ARHHHHH NO BEER!!! DISASTER!!! On my bike I went, problem solved.

Beers cracked open, food dished out and many smiling faces. The kids, most of who had got more food on their dogi’s than in their mouths, ran to the river to play…obviously I ran after them…and followed them strait in. I told you, it was hot!

A thew minuits later, and the ‘lets get the giant man wet game’ was over I was soaked right through, and not so hot anymore…and the sun had started to loose its heat lucky really because out of the corner of my eye I see my ‘summer hat’ floating towards me down the river. I swear I had safely put it on the bank…then I see the cheeky little grins…enough said!

So wet through, from hat to toe the picnic had come to a close. It had been a great day, fall of fun, food, sunshine and Aikido what more can you ask for!

Thanks everyone, and thank you Chris Sensei for organising it!

‘Fishing for crabs’






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