First you have to….

So another great training session at Kojinguchi Dojo, was very hot today and the dojo is like a incubator so as you can imagine I looked like I had just got out of the shower when we had finished. Not to worry a quick once over with a ‘Man Wipe’ and I wad good as new.

So after hard training time for FOOOOD!!! Mmmmmmm the sent of Bugers fill the air. We all sat around the table awaiting the juiciest, a most scrumptious Bugers I have had yet in Japan! The beers were pored and the food served and then…BLASPHEMY…I noticed that one of the girls was eating her buger with a Fork!!! Yes you read it correctly a fork, this could not be happening! Nicks Buger eating tutorial began!

1: Open one’s mouth and create a ‘aarhhhh’ sound.

2: Approach the buger.

3: Tell the Buger “I love you”. This is very important point and was an American influence (Chris Sensei). Don’t feel uneasy the buger will not give you a heart breaking reply like, ‘thank you, that’s nice or good for you’.

4: Then squish the buger into your mouth and take a huge bite! If juices pore down your chin, do not disspair this is a great sign of a top buger. Just simply lick as much off with your tongue.

Top points to the girls they did well in the end! Was a great night another happy memory! And a blooming marvelous meal!




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