Typical Monday!

Today, Monday 2nd July…my day:
(a normal Monday)

•Wake up at 5:30 (back hurt all night so have slept for 3 hours)
•Have my breakfast, get my bag packed and have a shower.
•Visit the shrine, and cycle to the dojo for 7.
•Finish Kenshusei (4 hours of training) at 2
•Tried to get some sleep but didn’t happen…made me feel worse.
•kojinguchi dojo for 330 kids class 4-5(1 hour of training)
•The kojinguchi class, finished at 8 (2 hours of training)
•home to cook and prepare food for tomorrow.
•I am still awake and writing this at 11:17. Can’t sleep. To much on my mind.

…and it only Monday! 7 hours of Aikido training that’s more thank I did in a week in England!!



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