A cure for Insomnia

I was feeling pretty low this Monday morning. I had the hardest day yet at work on Sunday teaching 11 lessons of English. I arrived at the dojo pretty low in spirit, spirit which got lower when Andy Sensei told us to assume sit up position and start counting…

…8:30 (half way through the class) we are still counting and have reached 500, then it hits me our goal in 1000!

1000 NON-STOP sit ups, I never thought I would be able to do this…was slightly distressed when I took off my Dogi to find that yet I still haven’t got a 6 pack…instead I have two very raw lines of skin either side of my ‘Grand Canyon’ (trying to put this nicely) where my boxer shorts have rubbed away the skin…Ouch just doesn’t quite cut it.

Keeping my eyes open in my other classes was near on impossible!

I learnt that the mind is very powerful…you will think you cannot continue, but yet you can you have to push yourself, learn ways to ignore the pain, fight through it and learn to laugh in the face of adversity!





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