A little bit of self belief!

My job in Japan as some of you may know is Teaching ‘English Conversation’. I was having a lesson with a lovely young lady who is the same age as me, but who’s dream is to become a doctor and a mum.

Our lesson was about ‘explaining our Goals’. She told me how she wants to be a ‘good doctor and surgeon, to help people’ and then a mum of 3 children, all by the age of 30. She is close to graduating after spending 7 years in education, and then told me she will spend 2years as a ‘trainee doctor’ before she is given the title of Doctor. I couldn’t believe how much time and effort she has and will put into becoming a doctor, and I wounded how difficult it must have been at first, to be so far away from reaching your goal.

I have many goals and things I would like to do in life and was beginning to feel that I couldn’t do all of them, or worrying I was doing them in the wrong order. I have realised that actually if you want to do something you can, but its down to you, and it is not about the order but insuring that when you are doing it you give it 110%. Also something I have personally been dealing with is having preconceptions about how you think the experience should be, instead except it for what it is and you will reap the real benefits.

I saw such modest drive and passion from this girl and was really inspired by her. I was also inspired by a friend who has decided to quit her job (massive decision) to go traveling. I hope that if you are reading this, and you have a goal or even a dream that you can take away the same inspiration I have and help it to allow you to realise and accept the fact that you can make your dreams come true!

Nothing is out of reach, unless you say it is.

We are, our own worst enemies, but we all have the power to choose otherwise!




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