Friends through hardship!

Firstly to everyone reading I apologize for such a delay in blogs…I have new ones coming up so there will be plenty to read and watch.

I just wanted to write this one quick because at the beginning of November I finally got to meet some people I had been waiting to meet since coming to Japan.
The reason why…because we share something in common – the stress, pain and frustration of ‘The Course’. (And of course the pleasures).

I had been waiting to meet them, and to be honest had a desire (ego I know) to be better than them…I am proud of my dojo, so didn’t want to let the side down…evidently I did, but that’s another blog…anyway aside from the friendly banta I would just like to say…

…that I was very pleased to have met the ‘Senshusei’, I sadly didn’t get to meet them all but those who I did meet where great people, tough as nails and a genuine bunch of people doing something amazing!

It’s getting to that time of year for the big final test of the year so just wanted to say,

“Stay focused, train hard and to the image that you want to show…have fun and SMASH IT!!!

Good luck senshusei…see you soon!


Friends through hardship!」への1件のフィードバック

  1. Hey!!! I only just saw this! Your updates were so infrequent that I gave up 😉
    How is your knee and have you finished now?


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