Final months…

January 9th, 23:23 I have just got into bed after getting out of it at 06:00 this morning…nicely filled day. We began it with a run starting at 7:30 to a park where we would begin training. Wow that sounds nice I hear you say…yes it was but it would have been even nicer if it wasn’t so cold even a polar bear would choose to wear a jumper!!!

Good times!

So I met our next possible candidate for Kenshusei 2013 today…”welcome to Japan Chris!” Seems like a nice guy so I hope he stays! He does on the other hand need an uke…so if there is anyone reading this that wants a truly life changing and unforgettable adventure…Mugen juku is ready for you!

We had our Shodan test on the 22nd December…it began with us sitting in seiza, long enough that I lost feeling in my legs and started to feel I little ill. Then we did our test…I have no idea how long it was but I felt sick at the end! Energy and spirit was high and when we were given the news we had passed…well I for one couldn’t stop smiling. It was the most amazing feeling like this huge huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders…

…this was then dropped back on when I came to terms what this meant. More hard work and a much more responsibility.

Congratulations also to the Part Time Kenshusei, who have now finished their course, and the other students who took their test’s.

Ok so for the final part of the course more techniques, an essay and teaching techniques…crack on…best go I keep falling asleep and dropping my phone.

Take care, ow yeah and Happy New Year



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