New Start

It’s funny how a room can look different when it’s empty…it seems strange to walk in to it, but randomly quite exciting at the same time because you know there is something new about to begin.

We had packed up Shijo dojo on Wednesday, everything into boxes, taped up and ready. Then today final soji (clean) and await Payet Sensei’s arrival with the van to transport everything.

Payet Sensei arrived and we loaded as much as we could in to what I have named ‘the white tardis!’ It was a small little white van but it was amazing how much you could squeeze into it.

After cramming everything into the tardis Andy Sensei joined Payet Sensei and they drove to the new dojo. I followed on my bike…push bike that is.
I had to cycle hard and fast to keep up, weaving my way around people. Then I lost them, I had to come away from the road side and I lost sight of them. I raced through the car park of Nijo castle, till I finally caught a glimpse of them, Then I realised that I was blocked in, fencing along the path and the car barriers were down. I went to swing the back tire around and slide under the barrier like In a James Bond movie, when suddenly out of no where a voice began to shout at me in Japanese. Arhhh I thought so I grabbed my bike chucked it over the fence jumped back on and carried on after the van. We eventually got to the dojo…at which point Andy Sensei had to get back to shijo for kids class. This meant my entire near death experience of a bike ride was well…pointless.

Me and Payet Sensei then spent the rest of the time until 7:45 moving everything to the new dojo. Wow how much stuff can come out of one place, it is amazing!!!

We finally got the last of the move done and everything crammed into the dojo… But tired after a long day we went for a beer, some food and then bed. Amazing day, but as soon as my head hit the pillow it was lights out.

Sad to say good bye to the two dojo’s I have spent the last year, my first year in Japan, in.





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