The end of a chapter.

Well it was all over in a flash, a course which at the begin flew, even though the days seemed long and hard, memories of a year, feel my eyes with tears of the many happy memories that I have. Spent in the dojo, work and outside with friends. The hard ship and pain that we went through, the funny story’s and achievements that we can reflect on.

…I would like to say “thank you” “ありがとうございます。”

It seems like only yesterday that I was at the airport saying good bye to my parents.

The course finished on the 28th February with Yasuda and Yannick taking their instructors test. They passed and did a good job. We all did the written exam, which for me was the first exam that I actually really enjoyed. Writing about aikido for one hour, brilliant!

We had a good farewell bash to send Yannick off, a good one in which he didn’t get any sleep all night before his flight home…well it was an early flight, what’s the point of sleeping when there’s drinking to be done!!!

So the course has been over now for a while, and I have gradually been getting back in to training because of my knee. It’s been strange not training so much but my days still are just as busy!

We are now in the final preparations for the 2nd Mugenjuku Kenshusei course and you will be hearing from the new Kenshusei very soon. (They will hopefully be better than me at keeping this up to date!)

I will be in for an even harder year this year being sewanin (assistant or manager) of the Kenshusei along with Yasuda. I will be doing every day plus the part time Kenshusei at the weekend. Epic!!! (Next day off – maybe August) .

I don’t know what this year has to offer but I hope I can give the new Kenshusei an experience that makes them feel as happy as I have been, if not better.

Finally today…23rd March 2013, Andy Sensei took his 3rd Dan test, the result is un known but I would like to congratulate him for doing an outstanding test. For me it was his sharpness in his form! It is a reflection of his behaviour when he is in the dojo. I have the upmost respect for this man because he honestly gives 200% to the dojo and is switched on all the time! A note for the new Kenshusei, if you want to know how to behave in the dojo, like a Kenshusei should – study his every move!




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