Hell week

So, you have all now been introduced and heard from the new Kenshusei.

They have now finished what I would say is the toughest week of the course, because you go from being a civilian to a Kenshusei, it’s both painful, mentally draining and soul destroying…but if you can get through that you can get through the course!

The course this year is slightly different for me, but in some ways even harder. I have responsibility of the Kenshusei, if they mess up it’s on me!

I am pleased to have this responsibility though because I am extremely proud to be Kenshusei and of anyone who earns this title. I hope that those who do it, feel the same!

They now have a weekend off, some have work but, all will rest and will be probably the most exhausted they have ever been. My advice to them would be enjoy every second of rest as much as possible, but most of all use your time wisely. Think of what you are about to do and prepare mentally – what will you eat and when, when will you cook it, when will you sleep, when will you wash your dogi’s and clean the house! Time is precious and if not looked after slips away!!!


Gannbate kudasai ( is a way to wish someone well in a difficult or tiring time. ‘Please try your best’ )


Hell week」への3件のフィードバック

  1. to nicksewanin.
    We do their things that we should do, So that you think that it was good that you do the duty, one year later.
    There is nick and is very stouthearted.
    There is you and is very glad.
    thank you.

    ●japanese study●
    がんばてっください → がんばってください
    gannbate kudasai → ganbatte kudasai

  2. Good job on finishing the Hell week! I wish you all good luck From Quebec!

    • Thanks, Yannick. Keep in touch with Mugenjuku, please. Good luck with your dojo in Quebec.



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