early morning shock-o-ho

Today, Monday, is the first day back since our first weekend break.  The weekend break was not so restful as I had hoped.  I was up at 7AM with less than 8 hours sleep each day.  That’s part of being foreign kenshusei in Japan–you have to scrape and scrabble to make ends meet, even if means going without sleep or food.  More specific to me and less to the course, without the constant activity, my knees stiffened up pretty badly by Sunday afternoon.  But they got worked out somewhat in classes today, what with all the up and down into and out of seiza.  Shakko ho practice was a shock this morning, but it got better after that.  By the way, that is the origin of the name–shakko ho means “surprising movement after rest day method.”  (I apologize to non-Yoshinkan-aikido readers for this joke.)




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