beginning renzoku for May embu

As the last photo posted shows, we spent a good portion of last week practicing kihon dosa with sword in hand.  This is in preparation for a demonstration of kihon dosa renzoku at an embu at Shiramine-jinjya in early May.

I thought our demonstration was something that Crampton-sensei and Carter-sensei had dreamed up until this morning, when I caught a glimpse of it in some historic footage of hombu in Japan.

In this YouTube video of Mike Tyson’s famous visit to hombu, kihon dosa renzoku is performed by the uchideshi starting at 1:40.  Unfortunately, someone has edited the tape to cut out the middle portion of the demonstration.  So if you don’t know kihon dosa renzoku, you will just have to come to Shiramine-jinjya on May 5th to see it live!


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  1. Many thanks Chris, for this information and for the previous Photo of the Kihon Dosa practice with Bokkens. Good luck to you all for the Embu in early May. I look forward to hearing about it.


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