very clean mats & dojo news

Yesterday, we had what I thought were some great classes.  Crampton-sensei showed us how to use jo exercises to improve our feel for shihonage, and he noticed that we were pushing into uke’s grip at the start of the technique.  Both these points helped Izzy and me a great deal.  Then he invited to us to have tea with him afterwards.  So, I was rushing to change and get out the door to meet everyone at the cafe, and consequently forgot to hang out the zoukin (雑巾) to dry for the next day.

Note to future kenshusei: DO NOT FORGET TO HANG OUT THE ZOUKIN.

For the first keiko session today, we spent an hour cleaning the dojo mats with zoukin over and over.  You start at one end of the dojo, get down on hands and toes, hold the zoukin flat to the mats with the palms of your hands, and push it to the other end of the dojo (running if possible).  Normally, we do this each day after class, but it takes only a couple minutes.  It is a little tiring after an hour.  Hopefully, no one will do anything wrong with the zoukin in future.

In other kenshusei news…

I am trying to learn the commands for our taiso warm-ups in Japanese, but apparently my pronunciation is abysmal.  Takenaga-san is helping me with pronunciation and trying not to laugh when I lead warm-ups.

Izzy has a speech in Osaka soon, at a TEDx conference, I think.  Hopefully, he will post a link here on the blog…

Takenaga-san has to visit the dentist : (  Gambatte!

Carter-sensei has a birthday… today.  Happy Birthday!



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