a cure for… anything

As I mentioned in my introductory post, I was amazed at Nick’s post called “a cure for insomnia” last year.  1000 sit-ups!  Wow!

I was feeling pretty low this morning.  My knees have been getting worse over the last two weeks, and yesterday, the left one sustained a painful fall, swelled, and bruised.   Plus, I have had a sore throat and fatigue for 2 days.

Well, today we did 1050 sit-ups, surpassing last year’s Kenshusei!

It started much the same as any morning conditioning class, with Carter-sensei asking us to assume the sit-up position and start counting, ten sit-ups for each person.  There were five of us.  Normally, we would stop after one or two rounds, or 50-100 sit-ups.  But this morning, every time we finished a round, Carter-sensei would say, “Chris…” and I would have to start again.

Since reading Nick’s post, by the time we had reached 300, I had an idea what we were shooting for.  Amazingly, I was energised by the prospect of reaching 1000 instead of being demoralized.

We just kept going and going… ichi, ni, san, shi, go, roku, shichi, hachi, kyu, jyu… over and over 105 times.

Before the course started, I honestly didn’t think I could do this, but I did.  Maybe the form of the sit-ups wasn’t great, but I did them.  We all did them.  Non-stop.  For almost an hour.

I have felt slightly giddy all day after conditioning class.  I want to do 1000 sit-ups again!


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  1. Well done to all of you Chris ! What an achievement and thanks for telling us about the Sit Ups. I am very sure that I could not do anywhere near that number of them. The Date of the Embu must now be getting near ?

  2. Thanks, Clive. Yes, the embu is May 5. We have a week of vacation before the embu, but I think we will be doing some practice just to make sure the renzoku demonstration is a good one!



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