They never even asked me any questions

Golden Week is over.  The Shiramine embu was on Sunday, followed by a picnic with the families of the kids’ classes and then a Welcome Party for the combined Kenshusei and Part-time Kenshusei* students.  More about the embu in another post.

Mugenjuku is closed over Golden Week, so we had quite a rest.  The last day of training was last Tuesday, and training resumed again today, the next Tuesday.  By Thursday, my muscles felt mostly recovered, and by Monday, my knees were almost completely pain free.

So I am came into class this morning feeling rested and ready to practice, but I wasn’t expecting a class of za-geiko, sitting in seiza.  This was the most seiza we have done since the pre-course orientation meeting, but unlike the meeting, when we had speeches to listen to, we had nothing to focus our attention on today, sitting in total silence.

There wasn’t as much pain today, but my tight hamstrings were a bother to sit on, and, either in za-geiko, or in the next class’ seiza-ho practice, I pulled something in my left leg that makes it painful now to get into and out of seiza, stand up after ukemi, walk up stairs, or pedal a bike.

As I was hobbling up the stairs of Villa Bianca, the apartment I share with Nick, that line popped into my head: “They never even asked me… any questions.”  It pretty much sums up the sense of confusion and despair I experienced.  Comfort turned into pain, attention into boredom, and rest into re-injury.  Why?  Why did they have to do it?  Things were going so well.

That’s the way Kenshusei is.  Don’t get comfortable.  Perseverance is a 24-7 job, not something for two evenings per week.  Osu!

* Part-time Kenshusei have classes only on weekends–Saturday night and Sunday morning–and don’t do all the “fun activities” of the full-time course.



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