The road.

It’s funny how our paths can change even when we are sure we are on the right one, or how easy it is to be distracted, but most of all it is so easy to forget what we have done…and because of this we still have a feeling of displacement with where we are today.

I have been making some pretty big decisions recently regarding my direction in life and ideas I want to follow, and have been finally trying to listen to my self and understand what it truly is that I want in life. Now I am not saying I know a 100% but I have at least some goals set in place to help me on my way. The funny thing is by setting these goal I have started to slowly reflect on what I have done over this past year and 3 months, from a conversation at a certain window (strange I know – it makes sense in my head) to training in different dojos, to trips with friends to different places in Japan.

The trial and errors I have gone through since my time In Japan and the learning curve for life has been amazing, I am not saying I know everything, in fact this trip has defently proved to me otherwise…it has shown me that there is so much to learn, so many ways to become better and things to strive for, see and do, but must most of all…it can all be done!

It doesn’t matter what your goal is…if you want it, all it takes is you to make the decision to act apon it and then make the changes to get there, it sounds simple, and well actually it is…it’s a choice.

Many people will sit and wish they were somewhere else doing something different, but will huff and shrug their shoulders and carry on with their day…I know this because I have done this and still do at times if I am to be honest. This is not something to be ashamed of mind you…..but what if instead of shrugging your shoulders you wrote your idea down and then looked at what you would need to do to do it, how do you get there and what it is thats stopping you right now from getting there. Once you have this you have the basic information you need to start making positive changes to what you are doing.

Thanks to some very good friends I have been able to do this, my advice though, is when you do start doing things, don’t forget to look back on what you have done and remember all the achievements, hard situations and emotional moments that you have succeeded already!

That past is was has built you, the future is what will create you!!!



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