kenshusei fuel, now 30%-50% off!


Sunday night is grocery shopping night for me at the local LIFE supermarket1.  Sunday night because there are usually the best deals at that time.

Almost every day for lunch, I eat an avocado and a piece of grilled fish that was discounted at LIFE.  These are the fish that don’t make it into bento boxes and need to be sold before the end of the day.  Around 7:30, they start getting discounted, first around 20%.  If they are still not bought by later in the evening, they may go down to 40% off.  If I am lucky, I can get a small fillet of grilled salmon for ¥98, or about $1.00.

So, when I go into LIFE, I usually head straight for the discount cooler in the back of the store, hoping to see the red and yellow stickers.  Here’s what they look like…


Those yellow stickers are as good as gold in my eyes.

After the discount cooler, I go to the meat counter and buy hamburger meat, or “mince” as Nick calls it.  I buy two packages of approximately 600g and divide them each into 4 square patties.  This makes 8 dinners of about 1/3 lbs ground beef.  (Since I sometimes eat two dinners, I get about 1 week of meals from this.)

Well!  Tonight was a big score for oldmanchris!!

Usually, I have to compete with lots of housewives perusing the discount counter, and I get only the picked over leftovers.  But tonight, there was a ton of discounted fish.  I cleared out the salmon fillets…  There were two dozen eggs discounted2.  Mine as well…  Bags of pre-made salad were less than a 1/2 head of lettuce.  Gone…  Then–this is the first time I have seen this–there was mince for 50% off…   All mine!  I went to the check-out line with a basket entirely full of discounted protein and fiber.

Now, I have a freezer full of grilled salmon fillets, and Nick’s freezer is half full of mince.  All for about $30.

That’s a good thing, because I had only about $35 to my name.  (The last $5 bought me a 1/2 loaf of bread, 1/2 pint of high-test whole milk from Hokkaido, and, from the local Liquor Mountain, a discounted (!) Old Charter highball and a Coca-Cola in an old-fashioned glass bottle for Nick.  Nick likes the old fashioned bottles.)

So, now I’m flat broke until next payday, but my apartment is stocked with kenshusei fuel.

  1. click on “local” for a GoogleMap and StreetView of my LIFE supermarket!
  2. I prefer to buy free range eggs, so I buy eggs at FRESCO supermarket unless there is a reason not to.  Usually, I like the FRESCO on Marutamachi street.

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  1. I love shopping after night class and getting the 50% off fish too. It was so much fun and I got to save money. I was telling my friends back in the States how inexpensive sushi can be in the supermarkets. Thanks for sharing your secret of eating well and inexpensively. I’m still impressed how little people eat in Japan and portions are a lot smaller.


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