We were invited to the Crampton Castle!

We went to the Crampton Castle on August 3.

Chris-sensei served very delicious tacos and more!

yum yum yum 、、、  maybe I ate 4tacos.             5 ?!

Because it’s so yummy!!



八瀬天満宮の参道にて。 なぜこの格好をしているのかは、わかりません。



そして、無限塾∞名物、人力車。 無料です。

この奥にお宮があります。 皆さまも八瀬へどうぞ。 素敵な時空体験、できます。




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  1. Many thanks Takanega, for these Pictures of rural Japan. Is Chris Sensei’s Castle the white one on the left behind Nick ?

    • Hi, Clive. No, Crampton-sensei’s house is not in these photos. It is a brand new house in a western-Japanese combo style that, e.g., includes both a tatami room and a big modern western kitchen. It looks over a clear mountain river. Probably he would not like us to show it or give away its location.

      • Many thanks again Chris, for your reply. This sounds like an idyllic location by a River. All Photos are much appreciated, until I can visit Japan !



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