Love and Aikido

Written by Akiko Yamagishi.
Member of the Mugenjuku Part-time Kenshusei course.

Love and Aikido

It’s only been 4 years since I have been fascinated with great martial art Aikido.
More I learned, more I got into this great phyilosophy and techniques, which I believe is the key to save the world of 21 th century.

Aikido is simply defined as a martial art but as I am a Japanese, I would like to share more wide thought about menaning of Aikido.

Japanese Kanji contains too many meanings in its word.
Ai Ki Do generally translated into to ‘ to go with Qi’, to go with oppenent or circumstances power.
Here ‘Ai’ translated as a verb ‘to go with’ but it also means a noun ‘love’,
so you can also translated into Aikido as ‘the way to Love’.

Through my thirty and more years of living,
like everyone has sweet memories, I found love gives me the passion of living,
or sometimes unwillingly it lets me down, lets me too desperate to live.
Still, I belive love is one of the ultinate purpose of living.

AIKIDO gives you a kind of solution to love.
Love requires timing, understanding and a certain distance to your partner.
Which timing, where your opponent would like to go and how far you can beside.

Through AIKIDO pracitice, you would learn these points. What a fortunate!
Be a Aikido master, you would be a love master!



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