Dai Ichi – done!

Here is another blog from a member of the Part-Time Kenshusei, this time it’s a fellow Englishman Steven Knowles.

He writes…

Now for some news from the weekend kenshusei course….. we have now completed dai ichi kihon. We finished with suwari waza kokyu ho 1 and 2, in the words of Payet sensei ‘the essence of Aikido’, as kokyu techniques do not rely on any joint locks or atemi but ‘simply’ (and I use that term extremely lightly as it is far from simple), precise timing and use of your opponent/partners power to throw them. Also, we did get some great encouragement in the last class of dai ichi in with of a test of our kamae, where our partners pushed and suddenly released the pressure. I think we were all pretty solid and Payet sensei was impressed (but not as impressed as I was). Now, all we have to do is build on this in the dai ni techniques and get it all flowing nicely as jiyu waza starts, too!




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