pressing problems of the kenshusei course

The next kenshusei course starts in less than 1/2 year.  Some applications have already been turned in, and only a few spaces are left.

If you are considering The Course next year, you may interested in pressing problems such as, “can I get miniature marshmallows for my hot cocoa?”

The answer is yes!!

As autumn elides into winter here in Kyoto, I have started looking for a way to make the hot cocoa that gets me through my home’s harsh winters.  Here is my father in front of his house last winter…



Usually, I make hot cocoa from scratch…

  1. melt pure cocoa in whole milk in a pan on the stovetop
  2. add sugar, but not too much; just enough to take the edge off the bitterness of the cocoa
  3. pour into large mugs
  4. add Kahlua or another coffee liqueur (this the real sweetening agent)
  5. add whole cream as desired for the correct texture and temperature
  6. put miniature marshmallows on top if you have a sweet tooth

Finding good cocoa in Japan is difficult.  Nick likes Van Houten’s, while I prefer the indigenous Morinaga.  What can I say?  Brits!

Kahlua is easy to find, although you may have to pay a lot.

Cream or half-n-half is very difficult.  I still haven’t figured out which products in Life supermarket are cream and which are vitamin-enriched coffee mates (yuck!!).  Good luck!

The real kicker is miniature marshmallows, but I discovered the Life brand snack.  It is an entire isle of 100-yen ($1.00 or £0.50) snacks.  Most of them are things like crispy squid crackers or seaweed peanuts, but they also have very small marshmallows.  Score!

So, you are safe to come to Kyoto next year.

We hope to receive your application soon, now that your fears are allayed.


pressing problems of the kenshusei course」への4件のフィードバック

  1. It looks extremely cold at your Father’s Home Chris ! – 25 degrees C ?
    A generous dose of a good Scotch Whisky would be much more beneficial than Cocoa and Marshmallows !

    • Clive, I can’t argue with you there, but this is a family show!!


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