O-soji 2013

Mugenjuku closes from today, Christmas Eve, until the second week of January.  So, the kenshusei spent today on O-soji.

O-soji (or, oo-souji) is the Japanese version of spring cleaning, which they do just before New Year.  Throw out things you don’t need, sweep in the corners you usually ignore, etc.

We installed some new shelving units for student belongings, changed the flooring in the hallway, cleaned out the desk, listened to Christmas music, and relaxed in the afterglow of a successful kuro-obi exam.

Here we are taking a break today from our labours to eat lunch…



Today, I splurged for lunch.  How can you top fried chicken and pork-and-eggplant-with-ginger-and-scallions?




It is a nice thing to improve the place where you live or work.




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