Shiramine embu 2014

On Monday, May 5, the kenshusei participated in the budo demonstration at Shiramine-jingu Shrine in Kyoto.  Shiramine is a Shinto shrine dedicated to the god of ball sports, a god of brewing/teamaking, two famous samurai, and two Japanese emperors.  It is a “jingu” shrine, which means it is connected to Japan’s imperial family.  That makes it a very important shrine in Japan even though it is rather small and not very well known in Kyoto.


Boys’ Day helmet display made from paper

Because of the samurai and emperors who are enshrined at Shiramine, it holds a martial arts demonstration on Boys’ Day every year.  Nowadays, Boys’ Day is officially “Children’s Day” and for celebrating childish things.  But in the past, Boys’ Day was for celebrating the martial spirit of maleness.  The traditional gift for boys on this day is a helmet.  Even today, people give the hanashobu flower on this day because its shape resembles a helmet.

Mugenjuku trains at Shiramine’s dojo on Sundays, so it participates in the martial arts demonstration every year.

The kenshusei arrived early to clean and set up before the demonstration.  Here they are outside the shrine dojo…



Reg Sakamoto arrived, and he and Nick went to the shrine’s water basin to ritually purify themselves before their Niten-Ichi-ryu demonstration



Meanwhile, Andy-sensei prepared the kids for their demonstration



Unfortunately, it rained, so attendance was low and everyone had to carry umbrellas…




And how about the Kenshusei’s embu?

They performed Yoshinkan’s Kihon dosa renzoku.

Kihon dosa renzoku is all the kihon dosa performed in a row while holding a sword.

They trained very hard.

They trained for a long time.

They were very dedicated and intense.

So you can’t wait to see it, right?

Guess what!

I missed it!!



However, you can always watch them practicing their embu in the dojo the week before Golden Week.  ***** UPDATE: Izzy’s friend got the kenshusei embu on video!! *****

Andy-sensei made a very nice demonstration, and finally Payet-sensei also gave a demonstration…



After the embu, the kenshusei and the dojo members went to a picnic while I went to work.

Kenshusei training starts again Wednesday morning!!



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