Kimeda-sensei visited Mugenjuku

Last Wednesday, Mugenjuku was visited by Kimeda Takeshi, 9th-dan Yoshinkan Aikido.  Kimeda-sensei was taking some of his students on a short trip to Japan, including Kyoto.  The kenshusei had a great opportunity to train with people from another country.

Earlier in the day, Payet-sensei tested Ronen–a friend of Mugenjuku’s from Israel–for his 3rd-dan.  Kitamura-san and Alex assisted by being uke during the 3-person-jiyu-waza part of the test.  Scott filmed the event, and I called commands during the test while Andy-sensei acted as uke for the kihon waza.



After the test, Alex and Kitamura-san stayed to train with the Canadians while Scott and Nick took photos.  Nick couldn’t train because of his recent knee surgery.  Gambatte-kudasai, Nick!





After the training, we all went to a nearby izakaya for a small party.



One of the great things about Mugenjuku is that everyone knows how to enjoy themselves!

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