an almost clean pink pan

A big part of kenshusei is learning attention to detail because attention to detail is necessary for mastering the basics in Yoshinkan aikido.  Cleanliness is a good measure of attention to detail.  If you clean something without giving it proper attention, you’ll probably miss some dirtiness.  This is part of the reason the kenshusei clean the dojo every morning.  Attention to detail is a habit of mind, so if it’s not something that comes naturally, it’s something that you have to be trained for.

Recently, this pain was founding the drying rack in the kenshusei house.  I’m not saying who washed it and put it up to dry like this, but let’s just say he started to defend himself by saying, “hey, I’m French…”


I’m also not saying who bought a gaudy bright pink pan for the kenshusei apartment, but it wasn’t me!!