5 minutes of training, uncut

I thought you might be interested to see what the kenshusei training looks like.   Here’s a film I took of last Wednesday’s class.  It’s the last 5 minutes of the class, followed by rei (etiquette/bowing), shinkoku (ceremonial end of daily training), and soji (cleaning the dojo floors).  It is all uncut and uncensored.  It will give you a real feel for what training is like in the dojo.

This day was the first day of sankajo from a back attack.  Sankajo is aikido’s third technique and involves locking the wrist by rotating the pinky-finger side of the hand in toward the body, like this…ushiro-ryote-mochi-sankajo-ichi-day1-16 screencap


At the end of the technique, you pin the attacker’s arm, like this…




Okay, let’s watch the movie!




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