Payet-sensei on Wikipedia

If you can believe it, Payet-sensei did not have a Wikipedia entry until today!  Aikido, Yoshinkan, Gozo Shioda, Senshusei Course, Tsuneo Ando… so many things connected with his life had entries, but not him!!  So, I decided to make him a Wikipedia entry.

It has taken me quite a while to get my article to the point where it could “go live” on Wikipedia.  Formatting and rewriting took a long time.  By digging deep in the Internet, I discovered a lot of information about Payet-sensei I didn’t know–nothing scandalous of course but little things like the fact that his mother was a school teacher and his father a farmer.

Also, part of what took so long was dealing with my ADD brain.  When you start poking around anything, you find many interesting facts, even if irrelevant.  For example:

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy reading about Sensei and learn something from this article.  As you know, Wikipedia is user-edited.  That means anyone can change the article I wrote.  I encourage you to do it… but only if you have something valuable to add.  Please don’t just add links to your own websites–this will make Wikipedia’s editors think twice about the article.

Also, if you have any good photographs of Payet-sensei, please consider legally releasing them by uploading them to Wikimedia Commons.  That way, anyone can use your images of Payet-sensei to make web content.  Osu!



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  1. Well done Chris. This is an excellent and very interesting Wikipedia entry that you have done.


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