Another of the web gems I found while prospecting for Payet-sensei gold recently was a video of Payet-sensei and Shiramine Shrine that was made by a Japanese travel show called YAJIKITA ON THE ROAD.  From my limited ability to understand Japanese webpages, this appears to be a radio show that also releases videos of its radio broadcasts.  First, I found a blog entry about Kyoto on the radio show’s website.  Then, a couple days later, I realized that there were cameramen in the photos, so I started looking for a video and, voila!, there it is on YouTube.


In a moment, the video; but first…

For me, personally, this video is extra cool for two reasons:

(1) In it, we can see Payet-sensei training with Kikuchi-sensei.  When I first came to Kyoto in January 2013, I didn’t know jack about Mugenjuku, but I went to the dojo’s farewell party for Yannick, Nick, and Yasuda in February.  There was this guy there who got up and gave a big speech, but I had never seen him before.  “Who’s this joker who never trains?” I thought.  It’s a sad fact that in the world of martial arts, if you haven’t been on the mat in the last week, you start to get forgotten.  Anyhow, Kikuchi-sensei was the first shidoin of Mugenjuku, and it is nice to have his memory preserved in video.


(2) The first half of this video is about Randy Channell.  I wrote about him before: I met him by chance in a laundromat when I was still new in Kyoto and discovered that he used to produce on Kendo World magazine, which was one of my favorites for a short time in the 2000s.  Talk about small world!

And now, the video (Payet around 2:45 mark)…



  1. I really like this video – simply gives vioce to aikido through fun traveling activities. Thanks for sharing. ^_^



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