shodan award ceremony


As you know, the kenshusei took their shodan (1st-degree) test last December, so they are now entitled to wear the kuro-obi (black belt).  After they passed the test, Payet-sensei had to send their applications to the Yoshinkan hombu (headquarters) dojo in Tokyo.

Last week, the shodan certificates arrived in the mail from hombu, so Payet-sensei presented them to the kenshusei last Friday, January 30, 2015.

Here are two videos–a fun one and a documentary one.

The first video shows the kenshusei, some of their trials and tribulations at the beginning of the year, and then wearing their new black belts, the reward for their hard work and real progress in Yoshinkan aikido.  Dig the sound track!

If that wasn’t enough kenshusei for you, you can watch the shodan certificate presentations without a soundtrack…


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  1. Nice! What a journey! From clumsy beginners to sharp nimble graduates. Cool sound track. Best part was when Payet Sensei said even if you stop training you must continue to progress.


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