Embu and life so far

It is time for another update on the road to better Aikido. But first for those of you who haven’t heard, Kenji Lee is making a movie about Payet Sensei, and have just uploaded a trailer, it can be seen at JP-film.com, it is truly amazing. Be sure to check it out.

OK, so back to Embu, to those of you, like me, who don’t understand Japanese, this mean demonstration, which we performed on the 5. May. This was a rather new experience for me, to stand i front of a lot of people performing, luckily it was only a short performance of Kihon dosa (like a Karate Kata) with a sword. we have been training this for a couple of weeks before, but even so I was still of beat when it came down to business. Still need a lot of work.

So we have been practising this for a few weeks as I’ve said, but what I wasn’t prepared for was taking Uke for one of our Senseis. So a little unprepared Okitani and I stepped up to take Uke. On the first throw I was so unsure what to do that I tripped over myself, on the second throw I banged my head and the Third I hit my hip, from there on Sensei was graceful enough to continue with Okitani as his Uke.

I also got to experience Payet Sensei in a life performance, which was really inspiring, it can be hard to tell sometimes who has got it and who doesn’t, but when you see Payet Sensei in action (see Kenjis film) you know he has got it.

All in all it was a pretty good experience, cracked neck excluded. And I have to thank all the people who came to the party afterwards for a great day and a good time.

Life so far seems to be bringing me nothing but pain, in the good sense (if there is such a thing). Nothing is easy, just buying groceries is a major undertaking, where you have to know what you want to get, and the name of it in both English and preferably Japanese, and still you probably won’t find what you’re searching for. Every day I struggle with the techniques and it’s starting to get to me just how little I know. So I still have a lot to learn.

Thank you for reading


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  1. Many thanks Peter for this excellent Information and enjoyable reading, about your activities and the Embu.



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