The good, the bad and the ugly knees

Another week, another pain and a lot of learning to do. The way to describe the course is pain and learning and lots of it, but that is why we came, and that is why we stay, and for the good company of course. So far I’ve been quite lucky in that I haven’t had any major injuries or set backs, though I have had quite a few minor ones that really bug me. Not to say ones that I was really afraid might turn out to be not so good. But so far I’m surviving, mostly because of the good grace of the instructors who are really good at knowing when to push and when to let off.

Some people might call me less of a man, if I tell them that I’ve been doing the course so far with knee pads. There is a sense of not being able to take the pain or something like that. I’m really happy that I decided to do this from the beginning, actually I didn’t have much choice since for the first few day my knee where so bad I thought they might never heal. But luckily with the knee pads they are starting to look almost normal, except for the major hair loss and the permanent redness. This of course is mostly aesthetic considerations but when it comes to inside the knee I’ve really had some trouble.

I’ve never considered myself bad at moving, I’ve been doing it all my life and I’ve done quite a bit of sport (with a lot of injuries, that might have been a sign). But what I’ve found out by doing the course (and being told directly) is that I’m really bad at moving, instead of using my whole body to move, I use the parts as if my body was a collection of individual components. This of course means that I put a lot of undo stress on the joints, which causes the overuse injuries I’ve been so prone to having. So my first real goal is to learn to move, it is quite tough, I have to go against every instinct and habit that I’ve collected over the span of my life.
My knees are slowly getting better through the training, I can almost sit and walk normally again, so maybe in some time I’ll be able to move properly, right now it is a process.
Have a great weekend



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