Kotegaeshi Ukemi

Actually I’ve no Idea what to call this post, but let’s just go with it because there is a lot of things to say.
Let’s start out with the first coming thought; I hate Kotegaeshi, or maybe it’s just because I’m such a bad Uke (receiver of technique), that I always end up getting hurt by it. There are a lot of problems and most of them originate in me, it started out pretty good, just one problem I was jumping way to early. Before Shite (performer of technique) was even set to throw I would launch myself at the floor so as not to get my wrist twisted, of course that isn’t good for either Shite or Uke, if they want to learn. So I was instructed to wait and go with the movement, which ended with me being way to slow, hurting my wrist. At the same time there was the whole direction of throw problem. Because one of the ways to throw is by turning the body, forcing uke to the ground, but if you’re inexperienced like me, you just want to get out of the lock, so you jump and that is straight, not around like you are suppose to, as not to get hurt, so again I hurt my wrist.
As a constant problem there is my incredibly stiff body, which makes it hard to enter some of the shapes, but this one was just plain ignorance and fear. Kotegaeshi requires Uke to “jump” around himself in a sort of somersault action and land on the back (with no hands). The normal mind would say “oh you have to keep your body parallel to the ground as not to collide with it sideways”, what my mind/body told me was “get one shoulder as low to the ground as possible, that way you’ll be safe”. It didn’t pan out that way, I landed sideways on my back causing my spine to jerk when I hit the ground, hurting it quite badly. That one has really been plaguing me, because the more I get hurt the more scared I get, and the more I want to get my shoulder to the ground which misaligns the body, making me land wrong and making me more scared. It’s a vicious circle. The others have been really nice trying to help and teach me, which seems to have helped, but it still needs more work.

OK, Enough with the negative, let’s look at some of the good things that’s been going on these past couple of weeks. I’ve finally gotten a job. I’ve had some trouble, because I thought I would be able to get a job teaching English, but it turned out a Dane with dyslexia isn’t what everyone is searching for, so I had to widen my field. I was looking through burger places and all kinds of irregular work, but it seemed no body wanted me, because I don’t speak Japanese. Just some advise for people dreaming of coming to Japan: Learn Japanese it will pay of, nobody speaks English (this is not true, but if you want a job Japanese is the way to go). But finally through a friend I came in contact with a massage place willing to teach me the Japanese way.

Some more good news. Today we had our first Shinza (test), or more correctly my first Shinza. It went really well, and I was quite happy with the result, I still have a lot to learn though, and they had many points on which I need to improve in the coming months.

I think I’ve said enough, have a nice weekend.


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  1. Tremendous Peter, and thank you for this and your last Post ! Very interesting and informative. Aches and pain over most of your Body. Good news about the Shinza Test, and hope that your Job goes well for you. Have a relaxing Weekend if you are able to !!



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