This will only be a short post, as I don’t have much to say. Time has been a little on shortage lately, there haven’t been much info uploaded to the site, so I just want to inform the people who are following, that we are still going and after a week holiday are ready to start again.
As stated time has been in short supply, basically my day has consistent of getting up in the morning, then going to training where I stay until about 2 o’clock, then run home to get a shower and run of to work. When I finally get home I’m so tired I usual just pass out on my bed. That has been my day for quite a while now, and I’ve started to fell the effects of the constant demands on my body and in my mind.
So it was quite a relief to get this one week of relaxation, even though I’ve had to work during the week I’ve taken most of the mornings off to recuperate.
On that note we all chipped in on Thursday to clean the Dojo, which was a rather big job, thank you to all the people that showed up.
Thank you for reading and have a nice day.



  1. Thanks Peter, and glad to hear that you are surviving the Course ! I thought when I was having several Carlsbergs last week ‘ The Kenshusei have been very quiet for a while ‘ !! Some Photos would be appreciated please of the Course activity in the Dojo. Has ‘ Old Man Chris’ returned to the US ?



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