Progress report nr. 0

I’ve been learning a lot about Aikido, every day there is a lot of information to learn and concepts to grasp, but I’ve still not progressed as far as was hoped. So last week I was given an assignment to help further my progress. The idea is pretty basic, but makes great sense, every week I am to chose an area in which I want to improve, and focus on that for that entire week.
This past week I’ve had my focus on getting my hips straight. It is a problem I’ve had since the beginning, and will probably have for a long time, since it seems to be a flexibility issue. To me it seems like on of the root courses for some of all my other problems, such as bad balance, problems with moving and of course getting low.
So during the last week I’ve been stretching on all occasions that would allow it, especially extension of the hip and internal rotation, which I discovered during Obon I have none of.
The results hasn’t been that great, since I’ve basically done the same since the beginning of the course with extension of the hips, so the improvements has mostly been with internal rotation.
During the week though I found great improvement in my movements as well as connection, by focussing on my posture especially of the upper back, so I think I’ll make this my focus point for next week.
I’ll try and keep these progress report every week, to tell about my progress and to keep track.
Thank you and have a nice day


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