Progress report nr. 1

So it’s been a long week, and we have already started a new one, so I better get my report written before another week is over. This week I’ve had focus on the posture of my upper back, since I have a tendency towards rounding here to force a technique or simply when I get tired. I believe it has something to do with me being tall, but also a bad habit. It is just so much easier to bend the back then it is to bend at the knees. This of course isn’t helpful, since it hurts my structure and gives me a lot of back pain.
On a funny side note, during this week I’ve noticed that by keeping my back more stable I can actually go a little lower in my stances, and move more freely (especially in suwari waza). It’s rather interesting that by being more stable in the upper body I can create a more stable base. My thinking before this week was that it would give me better connection to my arms, but instead it went to my legs and lower back.

So this week I’ll continue in that direction, by focusing on my legs/lower body. I’ve, since the beginning, had trouble sliding the feet across the mat (which teaches you to move from the centre while being grounded) and it’s still rather visible that when I take larger steps my feet get of the ground and my toes goes up like when you walk normally.
So my focus of the week is to try and get better at being grounded, without falling on my face, which is often the result when I try to stay connected with the floor.

Have a nice week.


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