Progress report nr. 2

Another week another focus of training, during this week I’ve had my focus on keeping my feet on the mat. Which as I said is part of the Aikido training, in order to learn to move with the entire body, and a point that I’ve had some major problems with learning.
It seems that I can not find the right balance in order to move this way, either I put my weight to much forward so I get stuck on the mat and fall over, or I lean backwards and my foot comes off the ground. only once in a while do I find the right spot that allows me to move forward without getting stuck or becoming light.
Mostly my training has consisted in bringing awareness to it in training, when we weren’t working on another point, but I’ve also tried to move with my socks on (in my spares free time) which gives me a larger spectrum of balance to work with.
The results haven’t been too great, but small steps taken everyday will also get you some where.

Next week my focus will be on moving from the center, or said in another way to move with my entire body and not as separate pieces, since this week I’ve had some bad problems with my knees.
Take care



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