Progress report nr. 3

This week hasn’t exactly been my best week jet, but it has given me a lot to think about and a lot of points to improve upon.
First of all I hurt my knee pretty badly last week, and with the start of this week I hurt it again. I don’t think it’s too serious, but I’m going to the hospital tomorrow to get it checked out.
So that meant, that I’ve had a little trouble focusing on my point of improvement, my whole week has basically consisted in finding ways to avoid to much tension and pain in my knee, while still trying to perform the Waza to a somewhat acceptable level. This has also meant that I’d had to confront myself, since there is a difference between real pain and perceived pain, the problem lays in the fact that the subject (ergo me) doesn’t know the difference and perceives it all as pain. So if I’m scared that it will hurt, it will hurt. If I think it hurts, it hurts, but if I forget that it hurts then it only hurts a little.
But when you get so absorbed in your own felling of hurt I try to get away, to find ways of escaping. Not that there is anything wrong with taking a step back or flinching, you just have to be aware of it, and I wasn’t until I was told. But as said the week has given me a lot of input on how I move less efficiently since every time I don’t keep correct posture or move from a place of imbalance my knee would scream in pain. So I’ve found some comfort in the curse of my weak joints, in that it forces me to be more aware and move in a better way.

I’ve tried to think of what to focus on next week, but the only thing that comes back to me is to focus on my breathing,. So I think the next week will be dedicated to breathing. Specifically to the awareness of my breath and how deep it is. right now I can fell that it is high up in my chest so it will probably be an interesting week for me.

Take care and have a nice week.


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  1. Many thanks Peter for a very informative Blog. It is hard to believe that you are Danish your English is so good ! Hope all goes well for you at the Hospital check up today.


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