Progress report nr. 4

So this week I’ve had my focus on my breathing and breathing pattern, not just in training but at all times during the day. What I’ve discovered is, that it’s really hard for me to keep focus for much more then a few minutes at a time and that I breath very shallowly high up in my chest.
Through being mindful of the breathing, I’ve found that again my posture is falling downwards from the head, which constricts my air passages, and gives me a hard time breathing, so I still have a lot to work on in that area.

So if you read my last post, you’ll know that my knees have been pretty bad and I was suppose to go to the doctor on Monday, which had to be delayed to Thursday, because we had to make a reservation at the hospital first. Chris sensei was really nice as to bring me there, which I’m very grateful for. I was amazed with the speed of the procedure, We arrived at 9 o’clock, had to fill in some forms and the straight to the doctor, who send me to X-ray. That in and of it self would have taken at least a week in Denmark. Then almost right away I got my answers, nothing to be seen on the X-rays, so would I like to take a MRI.
I said yes because I would really like to know what has been hurting me so badly over the last couple of weeks.
The MRI was a new experience for me, but the doctor was incredibly nice, though he didn’t speak a word of English we still joked around a little and had a good time. The answer came in just a few minutes after the test, nothing major a small tear on the medial meniscus. So I was advised not to sit in seiza or in anyway put force on my leg while bend, and given some anti-inflammatory drugs to take. Chris sensei was incredibly nice in all of this waiting with me, and driving me home after. So the conclusion is that I can’t really do a lot of the things we are supposed to do, and I’ve been granted extraordinary privileges in that I don’t have to sit in Seiza for the next month, which I’m eternally grateful for.

My plan is to take the next week to take care of my knee, and the best way I’ve found of doing that is by being constantly mindful to the way of doing things, especially in the Dojo, the basics of how to move was taught this way for a reason and I’ve found the more focused I am on moving correctly the better my knees and body fell.
So this coming week will be dedicated to moving with good posture.
Wish me luck, and have a nice weekend.


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  1. Good to read that it is not a serious problem with your Knee Peter. Sounds similar to the Meniscus problem that Nick had a while ago ? All the best for a good recovery, or are you trying anything to avoid sitting in Seiza ? !!! ( just joking )


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