Learning Japanese

We had the great luck of being offered to be taught Japanese this year by Payet Sensei wife, who teaches Japanese at a renowned University here in Kyoto. She is a truly great teacher, and very generous for offering up her time for teaching us, so we are eternally grateful for that, どうもありがとうございますせんせい.
We have been going for a few months now, and I believe it has really helped me understand more of what is being said around me. even though I like to read, I don’t think I could have gotten half as far without her help.

So all of this studying, have put the idea in my head that I want to try out how far I’ve gotten, and maybe get some paper on that. So I’ve decided to try out for the N5 Japanese comprehension test, which is the lowest level, and from what I hear comparatively easy.

I still have trouble with the Hiragana and Katakana sometimes, so the Kanji is probably going to take some hard studying, plus there is also a listening test that will be really hard for me, but I hope for the best.




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