Progress report nr. 5

Another week has gone by and my knee seems to be getting better, thank you all for your support. This week I’ve tried really hard not to hurt my knee and to do it according to the basics, and it has gone really well actually. Just yesterday, I was a little to busy getting home from work, so I peddled a little to hard and now my knee is back to hurting again, so that rather sucks, but it’s still going forward.
I’ve known it for a long time, but this past couple of weeks it has really stood out to me that my ukemi is bad. one thing is that I have to pay attention to the way I get back up from the throw, but actually taking the throw, is something that I really need to work on.
I’ll continue to pay attention to how I get up and around, since my mission right now is to get back to normal, but my goal this week is to improve my ukemi, so I don’t hit my head or land wrong, and all the other stuff that hurts me.

Have a nice weekend.



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