Six months in Japan

it’s hard to believe sometimes that I’ve already been here for six months, time has a tendency to fly by when you’re not paying attention to it. Anyways I wanted to write a little post about my time here so far and some of the things that I would have to get used to in Japan, like the language.

when I first arrived, there were many things to get used to, but the first barrier that I met was the language. Coming out of the airplane I had no idea how to buy a ticket, or where for that matter, luckily there were some nice people there to help me. Today I’ve gotten better, I can find my way around pretty well, and know how the ticket system work, when I need to since I’ve got a card now.

Going to the supermarket for the first time I had no idea where everything was or what was in everything. I like to compare this time to being a kid again, having to relay on other people for everything. With time i started to learn what are in things, though I can still not read the label, I’m able to stay clear of things that I’m allergic to.

getting used to the recycle system here is a little bit of a science. It is split into a few different categories,  first there is plastic, which has to be cleaned and dried before going out, then there is bottles and cans, again they have to b clean and dry, then of course there is the burnable  thrash, which is basically food stuff and paper things. On top of this there is the separation of carton, that again has to be cleaned, dried and cut into flat shape.

The people here are still nice and it’s interesting to me to come here and experience the culture of this magnificent country. I’m actually a little amazed that I don’t miss my own country very much, I do miss my family though which, is one of the few things I’ll have to bear, but I’m glad to be here and looking forward to another half year.



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