Progress report nr. 7

It has been an incredible long week and it continues, this weekend we were in Tokyo for the big international enbu and training at honbu. I didn’t get to do any of this though because of my injuries I had to observe, but since I was already prepared for that, it wasn’t that bad. So what have i learned from this long week, expect for don’t take the metro in Tokyo unless you know where you’re going.

well it seems that my training has already started to circle or maybe it’s just because it’s a glaring weakness, it seems that I have a really hard time connecting ing to my arms, either they are completely relaxed or they fixed in place, neither one is good for this kind of martial arts. And since I know that the connection to my arms are connected to the way i keep my upper back, I have my focus on this area, of keeping good posture and connecting with the lower back through the shoulder blades.

another thing I’ve found out is just how badly it hurts my knees to do yoko and kohou ukemi, these both involve bending the knees to get your bum as close to the ground as possible before falling over backwards. The thing is there is no pain in my knee while squatting or doing the lunge, the problem comes when i have to raise my heel of the ground in order to go lower, when extending backwards, this puts the quads under an enormous load that apperently hurts my knee rather badly. So this will be a secondary goal of mine for the next couple of weeks to find a way to keep my heels on the mat and squat down this way when doing ukemi.

My focus this past week has been on my focus, and I’ve realised just how slack I allow my self to be sometimes. One of the things that really stood out was the idea of tiredness, because sometimes I tell myself that I’m really tired and I am, but I can actually get out of it by not focusing on being tired, it is really hard and not something that I can always muster up, but it is an interesting experience, that I’ll continue to tinker with in the future.

lots of stuff to do, have a great week and take care.



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