Progress report nr. 8

Been going at it for a week now, my knee seems to be holding up though there is still a lot of pain when sitting in seiza. My flexibility has really gone down, but I hope it will come back quickly. Anyways last week I noticed that some of my problems seems to circle, so today I’ll write a list of some of my most glaring weaknesses in my own eyes, this will only be Aikido related though.

As I see it I have two major problems that affects my stance and thereby my standing waza.  The first is that I can’t get my hips forward, caused by tight hip flexors. The other is my inability to get low, which I attribute to a lack of balance, which I don’t know where origininates, but it could be another symptom of my tight hips, forcing me to bend and twist out of position.

my upper back bending forward is another problem I have, but it’s mostly a symptom of not being low, so my natural reaction is to bend the back. And of course my suwariwaza is shit, but this  one is hard to do much about at the moment. So basically a lot of my problems as I see it stems from my tight hips. I’ve been looking up ways to stretch this area this week and will implement it as much as possible. I’ll also continue to look after my knee, I’ve found some better ways to do ukemi, with the help of Alex I can actually do yoko ukemi now, so I hope for major improvements in the next few weeks. Pain is a great teacher though it is an uncomfortable one.

Take care.


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  1. Tak skal du have Peter, for your new Post. You must have tremendous stamina to keep going through the aches and pains. Well done and again good luck with your efforts.


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