Progress report nr. 11

I’m a little disappointed in my self this week, I’ve not actually done the work I set out to do. My plan this week was to review the past waza in my free time. First day it went pretty well, wrote down some points to work on and reviewed the waza of dai 1. But from there it just went down hill, I had absolutely no extra energy to spend. Usually I have a little time to sit by my self at work and study, but this week it was used to try and recuperate just a little.

I still put energy into my training so I’m not too disappointed. It just made me realize that trying to take on more intellectual tasks then I’ve already got will only take away my energy.

I still need to review the waza but will leave it to times when I actually have free time, and let time teach me what I need.

During the week I’ve gotten a lot of pointers for things that could be good for me to improve. My footwork is still lacking and I still fall over sometimes. I’ve been told that it might be a relation with tai no he koi 1, and a lack of muscular control in this movement that causes my feet to stick.

another thing is that I seem to light in my throws a clear consequence of my trouble with the foot work. So this week it’s back to the feet and how to move.

in this week I’ll focus on footwork, and specifically on Tai no henkou 1,where I would like to get a longer step and deeper stance, while keeping the back foot heavy. More work to do.

have a nice week.



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