Progress report nr. 12

Time passes by so fast I can’t believe we just finished Dai 3. The exam went well, though there is still a lot to work on, I especially recieved some criticism for being to light and high in my movements. This shows very clear in my kihon dosa, and this is an area I will zoom in on in dai 4.

but back to last weeks goal, I’ve once again been working on staying low and connect the body this way, I think I’m finally starting to make some progress in this area. It seems that what I’ve been told all a long was right, “you need to move from the center”. For me this has been really hard for some reason and I’m still struggling, but at least now I think I’ve felt a small gist of it, so now it’s time to expand it into everything.

I’m pretty sure that this is the area that will have the greatest impact on my aikido if I continue my research in this direction so I will keep it up.

but there are  also a lot of other areas that I find interesting and need dire improvement. One of those areas is my ukemi, though I’ve gotten better at using my whole body when being shite, my body just falls apart when I have to do ukemi, and this neither good for my learning or my partners. Another area that started to become an issue is suwari waza, since my knee have been so bad, I’ve not practice this much, and it’s starting to show. So from this week on I’ll challenge my self to do seiza with the others, to get more comfortable on the ground, from there I’ll work my way into being more fluent and strong on my knees, there is a huge gap in my flexibility so it’s all about getting started.

have a nice week.


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