Progress report nr. 13

What is there really to say, when my focus has been the same for the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen some great progress, and it really helps to keep me focused on my goal, that I write these posts every week.

but when it comes down to actually writing about the progress I’ve made and the steps I want to take to get better it gets really hard. Most of the things that are there to improve is based on feeling and not on explicit logic, so it’s hard to explain exactly what it is I’m doing, a least without sounding like a idiot. So please bare over with me, for I’ll try to do what I now feel is impossible. To get better at explaining the process and also for my own growth, since sometimes all you need to grow is to think it out.

I fell that my balance has improved, this has come about through some small changes in my stance that make a big difference. First of all I straightened the line from my back foot up through the body to the head, this looks a little like leaning forward but is actually the most straight line i can produce at the moment. Before I used to bend at the hip, actually I still do, but the point is it has gotten better. instead of leaning back at the hip or leaning forward sticking out the butt. this change in the line has made it more easy for me to keep my weight on both of my feet, and makes it much easier to move.

the thing I’ve been working on the past few weeks can be explained as relaxing the legs, though relaxing is the wrong word, for it is more like sinking down into your feet. This is really hard since it relies on habit, so it takes a lot of focus to correct. But it has made a huge impact on my movements, especially tai no henkou 1.

For this next week I’ll change my focus, there is not much I feel I can do to improve my grounding other then keeping focus so it time to try and improve something else. Another thing that Has come up is that I have tendensy to lean when stand and when I move, this is very apperent in suwar waza because I still have trouble moving in this position. so this week I’ll try to improve my structure and the way I move my body so as to stay in the center. I believe it to be a matter of habit and of seeing the goal as being more important then correct movement, so again it will require focus but also some new idea on how to move.

on another note. This week I’ve finally made official that I want to stay for one more year, and sensei has been so good as to accept, which I’m very grateful for. So please wish me luck.

take care and have a nice week.


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  1. Tremendous Peter, and thank you for your latest Post and progress update. Really hard work, but very satisfying for you and Payet Sensei. I hope your Exams go well for you – possibly this Month sometime ? very best of luck for them. You have made a good decision to stay on for another Year. We get to receive more Posts and information from you and Mugenjuku !!


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